Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Exodus, Phantom and props...

So the past month has been a little up and down, either really crazy busy or nice and relaxed. A lot of creative fun at work and in my home to catch you up on!

Since my last post, literally the next day I got such a great opportunity, my first feature film job! And not just any, it was the new Ridley Scott film ‘The Book of Exodus’ starring an amazing cast, including the very talented Christian Bale (who I did casually walk past, Danny was very jealous I got to see Batman!).

This was such a great opportunity and what I had been aiming for since graduating last year. I was taken on as a Prop Maker involved in a number of different jobs, from ageing different textiles to making flags. Developing old skills and learning new skills was such a big part of this job, I learnt a number or processes that props go through to ensure they have the right look for the ear been depicted. Based at Pinewood Studios, I also got chance to have a walk around these historic and inspirational studios, where many films and tv productions have come to life. As if seeing the Exodus sets wasn’t exciting enough for me, I also got chance to see the sets for a number of other productions around the studios, which where all amazing! Whilst there I also met some lovely girls who have given me a lot of advice and help, so fingers crossed, hopefully this isn’t my last feature film!

Working on Exodus I had the chance to work under Production Designer Arthur Max, who’s work I have admired for so long.  From Gladiator to Prometheus he is able to design and manage a team into creating such inspiring visuals and build up the look for past, present and future scripts.
This opportunity has also given me my first step into my long-term career plan as a Set Decorator. Celia Bobak is the set decorator behind Exodus, and also was the set decorator for one of my favourite films for design, The Phantom of the Opera. Taking this well known story from theatre to film it really has to have that theatrical edge of amazement you would get from a live show. The set decoration for the film creates a magical darkness creating the dark sewer system, the Phantoms lair and takes on the lavish opera house stage and chandelier, and succeeds. Bobaks work really shines with the selection of props chosen to build up the design around the actors strong characters and the vocals, creating the amazing visuals you see on screen. Now excuse me whilst I go watch the Phantom of the Opera (loudly singing along). I’ll leave you with some of my favourite visuals from the film.

Ill be able to show more images of what I was making when the film is released, so tight toes until next year!
Thanks for reading as always,
E x

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